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Monday, December 15, 2008

On the road: Maryland

The family is on the road for the holidays. 1st stop is Chesapeake beach MD at my cousin Marc's home. Marc is the pit master of the family. Not only does he have a big ass grill with 5 burner zones, he also has an all wood smoker for his more serious projects. Marc was my go to guy when I worked out my recipes for the baby pig roast and bbq sauces.

On this trip he prepared a pot of chili for our lunch time arrival, which I have to say was some of the best chili ever. Marc then spent the afternoon preparing, at Jen's request when Marc called us 2 weeks in advance to ask meat preferences for dinner, Chinese style spareribs and fried rice. A note here to say that this is a sign of a most excellent host.

By the way, during this prep time his wife Mindy requested a chocolate tart for dessert so he went about whipping up one of those too. Husband, father, cook and pastry maker, pretty impressive huh?

Dinner was a big hit for all. Even Leo went carnivore on this one. He just loved the ribs we put in front of him.


jim morrison said...

Nice photos! I have blog photo envy

jim morrison said...

Nice photos! I have blog photo envy

Lorrie said...

We NEED a recipe for the chocolate tart!

Jonathan said...

I am trying to get the tart recipe from my cousin.

Joshua said...

Jonathan, these ribs look soooo good I will be making them in the next week for the family and can't wait!