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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Grilled lamb steaks

Or how to please a woman in 15 minutes or less.

9am and already 80F. Another hot day ahead, I do not want to be cooking while sweating. Not my favorite combination. So how to please my very pregnant, happy wife and get two meals for the price of one? Grilled lamb. A simple dish that takes into account summer days, fresh herbs and cheap meat. Here are a few tips that will take this dish 6 levels above your neighbor or the restaurant down the street. Invite your friends over, basque in the glow of a full belly and their compliments.

Step 1# Rosemary salt
Authentic Italian herb salt mix from the hills of Tuscany. This is the part that blows away the competition and costs next to nothing.

Into a food processor. Grind till nicely chopped and mixed.
4 springs fresh rosemary (no stems)
1 big clove peeled garlic
Zest of 1 lemon
1 cup kosher salt
*Feel free to add equal amounts of sage.

Note: This salt mix is great now but even better when left to dry sitting out on a plate spread thin. Make large amounts, dry and store for future use.

Step 2# Grilled lamb steaks
Lamb for less. Go to your butcher and ask for lamb shoulder ($3.50lb), 4 steaks with some of the fat trimmed. You can't beat the price and flavor. The taste is far superior to baby lamb chops and $9 - $12 less per pound. Plus your guests or spouse will think you spent a small fortune all for them.

Place steaks on a tray, pour over some good olive oil, squeeze of lemon and a liberal amount of the salt mix. Rub into both sides. Let sit up to 6hrs or right onto a hot grill or broiler pan. Sear hard on both sides and let cook on lower heat till just cooked through. This dish is best served rare to medium rare.

Plate and garnish with a drizzle of olive oil, more lemon and touch of salt mix if desired.
The side dish shown is a roast vegetable pasta salad with grated imported Parmesan cheese and the salt mix. After the lamb came off the grill I threw on sliced squash, peppers and onions. Cooked a bit to color and soften, then chopped and mixed with cooked pasta and olive oil.

Enjoy and try the salt mix with all of your Mediterranean dishes.

Bonus: place a dish of the salt mix on the table. The aroma will fill the room.

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jim morrison said...

Hey man, great photos. What are you going to drink with that? When I think Lamb, I think Rhone. I'm Currently drinking a lot of Domaine Monpertuis Cotes du Rhone, mostly Granache so not to heavy in the hot weather, lots of high toned cherry and spice. I know this seems like a bit of a stretch, but it always reminds me of a bottles of 1992 Ch. Rayas I had once.