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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Porchetta baby!

porchetta & salasa verde
Recently purchased a couple of 22lb farm raised all natural pigs. Took the full belly and loins, boned them out and made an Italian porchetta.

porchetta rub
A paste of fresh rosemary, salt, lemon zest and garlic made the dish aromatic and delicious.

porchetta tie up
Tied it up and let it air dry in fridge for 24hrs.

porchetta whole
TA DA!!! 3hrs later and crispy aromatic goodness. And yes a snipped of a bit of the end as soon as it was cool enough to put in my mouth. Damn that's good stuff.

porchetta slice
A parsley salsa verde that I prepared with a stick blender for a smooth bright green finish.

PS: Took half of this porchetta and simmered it in a pot with crushed tomatoes, red wine and fresh garlic for about 4hrs. Chopped the skin, fat and meat and back into the sauce. Have to say that this ragu competed with any grandma pork neck bone ragu and the rosemary paste put it onto a whole other level. Served the sauce over another Tuscan pork roast later on in the week at another dinner.

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