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Friday, November 7, 2008

Raise your own pig! Genius!

Read this and thought, hey, why not in Queens. I've even got a little garden that piggy could help take care of and get fed at the same time. Is it legal???

From the website Sugar Mountain Farms

Raise your own piglets

Our pigs are easy to keep, fast growing, long bodied, wonderful tasty pigs. Piglets typically achieve 200 to 225 lbs in six months. Sows were over 300 lbs at one year, over 400 lbs at two years and 600 lbs at four years. Our original boar topped out at 1,062 lbs. Buy piglets to raise yourself. It is almost as easy to raise several as one so get several. In the snow free months they can forage on pasture, clearing brush, tilling garden and turn grass into pork for you. In the Winter, corral them in your garden and feed them hay plus some grain and milk if you like or go with commercial bagged feed. They don't need fancy housing, a lean-to with a thick bed of hay works very well in the Winter. Pigs are very rugged and do well even in our Vermont winters. They'll clean up last summers plant remains, fertilize the soil and till it up to get it ready for spring planting. Regular help mates! They can turn poor soil into rich organic growing space in just a winter's time. They're easy to house and care for. Since they are pastured pigs they'll eat inexpensive hay in the winter.

Pigs and piglets are available pretty much year round. Note that in the spring there tends to be a high demand for piglets so consider either reserving yours very early or raise winter pigs if you want to raise your own. Fall piglet prices are much lower than in the spring. Pigs are rugged and do wonderfully in our cold Vermont winters. We do it year round outdoors. You don't need a barn or anything special. Just provide them with protection from the wind and dry bedding - we use hay because they also eat the hay which improves their digestion and manure.


Harlan said...

Hey Jonathan. You know the butchery classes at Brooklyn Kitchen, right? Why aren't you teaching people how to take apart meat here in Astoria?? (Aside from Leo taking all your time, of course...)

jim morrison said...

Jonathan, if you start raising pigs, I'll start visiting Queens.