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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pig part 2.

Got my first heritage black breed pig Thursday night from This pig was roughly 70lbs so I split it with my Diabolical Friend (mentioned in previous pig posting). Brought it into our local butcher for well, butchering. Split that baby right down the middle and then into parts.

My share included (and what I plan to do with it).
1 leg boned and skinned to be used for a cassoulet dish on Saturday.
1 shoulder skin and bone on but with bones cracked for easy cutting. Pork ragu with fresh pasta.
1 belly and loin boned out. Porchetta.
Spare ribs for an app.
1/2 of the head. Slow roasted

Remember it's a smallish pig so the loin is small and the ribs are not big or very meaty.

We are hosting the family Chanukah party this year and want to do something different. I think pig would fall into the different catagory. Italian Chanukah with the porchetta and ragu. Good thing we're not kosher. Does cooking in pork fat count for "fried in oil" Chanukah fare?
More to come...

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I've got only two words: OY VEY!