Using the diverse cultures and foods of Astoria, NY to feed one man's imagination in the kitchen.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A taste of Italy

During a walk through the farmers market at Union Square one beautiful day and seeing all the goodies available... Time to cook. I busied myself in the kitchen while my wife graded papers at the dining room table. These dishes are a mix of my recent Florence trip and local Astoria influences.

Made Jen crazy. Kept interrupting her with little dishes strewn across her papers but she forgave me in the end.

The tasting menu

Crisp Empire apple (farmers market) with aged Parmesan (Dave and Tony Salumeria, Astoria) and 15yr balsamic vinegar (Conti Products, Florence)

Crab & scrod cake with Lemon & fennel pollen Aioli.
(Fish from Marino and Sons Fish, Astoria)

Truffled egg salad with greens.
Organic corn bread, micro greens, Empire apples all from farmers market
Maple cured bacon by Eric Miller, Astoria
Truffled egg salad Vinaigrette inspired by Chef Darren @ Il Bambino, Astoria

Pasta al forno
Recipe from Tratorria Mario, Florence.
Meat sauce made with cinnamon, nutmeg and anise. Mix some of the sauce with bechamel and the fold into pasta with grated Parmesan.

Chocolate salami (no, there is no meat in it)
Recipe courtesy of Diva Cucina, Florence.
I used Nutella instead of coco powder and some of the sugar.
Served with Amaretto.
This recipe makes enough to last a long time, even for the worst chocolate freak.

A delicious dinner. I think next up is homemade sausages...


floozigrl said...

that pasta has my heart :)
ok we're coming over on a friday please- lets set it up!

Divina said...

Looks fab.. great to see a fusion between NY and FI!

shayna said...

Yeah you blog is back!!